Dent Removal

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Dent Removal

Dent’s don’t just mar the exterior of your car, they can negatively impact your enjoyment of your vehicle. This is especially true with newer vehicles. These can come from a variety of places and have varying impacts. Parking lots can be a major source of scratches and door impacts. Slow speed fender benders are a primary source of dented bumpers, while low-damage fender impacts usually come from non-vehicle related accidental impacts. However you got your dent, when you’re ready to have it removed we make it easy.

Professional dent removal for an invisible finish.

At-home products and methods may make a dent less noticeable, but they won’t provide complete removal. Our skilled technicians have the experience, tools, and technique to completely remove your dent. We’ll maintain the area’s structural integrity, correctly smooth and blend the area, and paint for a matching finish that’s nearly indistinguishable from the original. With incredibly affordable pricing, don’t risk damaging your vehicle further with at-home remedies. Those aren’t the only benefits we provide. Our dent removal services are also:

  • Fast – We’re auto body experts and perform work efficiently without sacrificing quality.
  • Easy – We will submit claims directly to your insurance provider for faster processing.
  • Durable – We use professional grade materials for dent removal designed to last.

Get professional dent removal today!

Trust the experts at Gresham Collision Center, Inc to restore your vehicle. For better materials, better technique, and better auto body—call (503) 328-6483 or contact us today.